• people saying they dont need a website

    The Illusion of Immunity: Why Some Believe They Don’t Need a New Web Design

    In the ever-evolving digital landscape, your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. However, there’s a cohort of individuals who staunchly claim, “I don’t need a new web design.” Let’s unravel the reasons behind this sentiment and explore why it might be a facade that could hinder rather than help …

  • wild wanderers web design tewkesbury

    Wild wanderers holiday cottages web design

    Having recently acquired the business, Serina of Wild Wanderers recognised the need for a website overhaul. Tasked with this, I collaborated with photographer Andy Davis to refresh the site visually. The outcome is a clean, inviting design that showcases the cottages beautifully and ensures a hassle-free booking experience for visitors. Explore Wild Wanderers – your …

  • web design tewkesbury gloucestershire

    Search engine optimisation

    SEO transcends the simplicity of tweaking title tags – it’s a dynamic landscape that has evolved since the inception of Google. In the early days, manipulating rankings was as straightforward as keyword stuffing and colour-coded text. However, as Google adapted, so did the intricacies of SEO. Today, Google’s algorithm is a sophisticated beast. It delves …

  • videography tewkesbury gloucestershire 3


    Video stands as an impressive and indispensable medium in today’s digital landscape, setting the standard for effective communication. A well-crafted website seamlessly integrates text, images, and video to present the essence of a company in the most compelling light. Leveraging platforms like YouTube, embedding these videos across your website elevates the overall user experience. The …

  • photography tewkesbury gloucestershire luke sutton 1


    Photography can be the make or break factor for a website. I’ve encountered stunning websites undermined by pictures of discontented staff. It’s not uncommon for me to step in and capture genuine smiles, bringing a touch of happiness to their professional portrayal. Before the shoot, I often engage in conversations, discovering passions such as travel …

  • print design tewkesbury glocuestershire minimal web design 1


    Effective design isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s the cornerstone of conveying the right brand tone, whether it’s through visuals, videos, or print materials. In my approach, simplicity is key; I steer clear of unnecessary embellishments and verbose text, ensuring websites, examples, and case studies remain concise and impactful. My expertise extends to both print …

  • web hosting gloucestershire minimal web design

    Website hosting

    Hosting plays a pivotal role in the realm of search engine optimisation, and while the allure of cheap hosting is ever-present, the adage holds true – you get what you pay for. The stakes are high; subpar hosting could relegate your site to the abyss of Google’s second page, while a robust hosting solution might …

  • website maintance tewkesbury

    Website maintenance

    If there’s one lesson that stands out, it’s the voracious appetite websites have for your time. I mean, seriously—these digital entities can become a colossal drain on your resources. You already juggle a myriad of responsibilities while steering your business, and the last thing you need is for website editing to spill into your evenings, …

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