About me

Writing about myself has always felt a bit uneasy, but since this is the ‘about page,’ here goes nothing. I’m a web designer, photographer, and videographer, navigating the intersection of creativity and technology.

My journey is as diverse as my interests. An avid history enthusiast, I once adorned my living space with Roman armour, swords, and shields, craving a constant immersion in the past. Music and art have been lifelong companions, with the guitar as my muse and the camera as my canvas. Growing up surrounded by my mother’s artistic talents in painting and drawing, creativity feels like second nature to me.

At my core, I’m a problem solver. I firmly believe in the mantra that nothing is impossible; it might be challenging, but it’s always achievable. Whether mastering the intricacies of my camera settings or experimenting with new web design styles, I’m not afraid to invest hours, days, or weeks to elevate my craft.

My true passion lies in helping individuals and businesses enhance their image, guiding them toward becoming the best version of themselves. There’s an indescribable thrill in crafting a website, then venturing out to capture compelling photographs and videos. I relish the opportunity to set the stage, bring the elements together, and witness the project take flight.

In essence, I find fulfilment in the fusion of technology and creativity. It’s about more than just design; it’s about creating experiences, telling stories, and transforming ideas into visual masterpieces. Let’s embark on this journey together and bring your vision to life.

My team

  • Luke Sutton   web designer tewkesbury

    Luke Sutton

    Founder & CEO

  • glyn scotford web designer gloucester 0

    Glyn Scotford

    Sales & Design

Always great to work with Luke who strives to go the extra mile, brilliant creativity, experienced, talented and with an exceptional eye for detail, highly recommended! It’s been great to also benefit from his fantastic videography skills!
Web Design Testimonial Tewkesbury
Nicky Lawrenson - WIGB
Luke deserves nothing short of five stars! With his expertise, creativity, and attention to detail we are sure it’s will have a positive effect in transforming our online presence. Luke's commitment to understanding our business by taking the time to visit us and his dedication to delivering beyond expectations make him exceptional. If you're looking for a top-notch web designer, Luke is the one to choose!
Web Design Testimonial Tewkesbury
Serina Smith- Wild Wanderers
We are very satisfied our website and the service we've been provided. Luke is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Web Design Testimonial Tewkesbury
Adela Sagdieva- SKM
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